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Fans-tech Electric strictly complies with the requirements and principals of ISO9001 as part of our Quality Program.  Under the guidance of our Quality Department, we strive to have excellent customer service, pursuit of better customer satisfaction, continuous innovation and improvement to ensure efficient implementation of plans and programs, and to continue to develop stronger market competitiveness.

Starting with product design and development, product prototyping, product manufacturing and delivery of finished goods to the customer, our development processes and manufacturing steps are checked and inspected to make sure we adhere to the highest industry standards. With the aid of advanced simulation software and continuously inspection of the product during the development phase, we ensure the low cost and high efficiency during product development stages.

All of Fans-tech products are subjected to a very stringent battery of testing in our in-house laboratories. Examples of some of the tests that our products are subjected to are; the salt spray / salt fog tests, high & low temperature testing, chemical test, endurance life test, UL safety test, EMC, acoustic  and vibration tests. On our assembly lines, we preform 100% balance testing, 100% vibration test, and 100% safety comprehensive test to ensure every product meets not only our standards, but also our customer’s high standards. Our procedures have been developed to design quality into our products from concept to final delivery to our global customers.

In 2012, we introduced the TS16949 quality system into the company. This upgrade to our manufacturing and quality system is to improve our overall quality management system and to take us to an even higher level of quality control of our products. The addition of the philosophy will aid in our growth plans for the future, keep us more competitive in the market and assist with our Lean Manufacturing Programs that have been implemented. This additions to our programs have been very well received with all of our global customers.  
  • Water Spray Test
  • EMC Testing System
  • Lifetime Test
  • Material Test
  • Motor Test
  • Physics&Chemistry Test