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Postcode: 528300
Email: market@fans-tech.com(Domestic)
Add: No.9 South of Shuncheng Road, Wusha, Daliang, Shunde Foshan, Guangdong, China.

Fans-tech has taken the necessary steps to be a world class suppler of precision motors, fans and blowers. Because of our own state of the art research and development lab, acoustic testing center, high precision AMCA standard airflow testing laboratory, life and endurance testing center, EMC testing chamber, Fans-tech can not only design products, but also test and assure that the products meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and specifications.

Fans-tech has invested greatly in our engineering resources and we have the ability to do advanced motor simulation, fluid simulation analysis and we have staffed our engineering department with a group of very experienced and well trained engineers, with many years of experience in R&D, motor development, Air flow testing, and many years of product development experience. Additionally, our staff has very close cooperation and relationships with the technical and scientific universities and institutes of higher learning.

Year after year our engineers are constantly trained and update their skills with the most updated technology available. Because of this high technological approach to our business model, we have been able to develop over 500 patents that are widely used in HVAC, Automotive, IT Telecommunication, Home Appliance, Power Electronics, energy saving solutions. As a testament to our technology rich philosophy, in 2008, Fans-tech was awarded as Guangdong High Tech Technology Enterprise; in 2009, Fans-tech became the Shunde Intelligent Small and Medium Size Fan Engineering and Research Development Center, and in 2013, Fans-tech was appointed as Guangdong Fan Engineering Developing and Research Center.

  • Airflow Testing System
  • Motor Simulation Design & Fluid Simulation Design
  • 动平衡
  • R&D center
  • Noise Testing System
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